A Thank You Invitation Questionnaire…of sorts

That’s right- not a Thank You Note (I’m horrible at getting those done- are you?).  A Thank You Invitation Questionnaire.  Got it?  🙂

One of the blessings in our lives right now is that, while I’d rather be a SAHM and taking care of my kids myself, we do LOVE our kids’ “school” (a.k.a., childcare).  Anna really loves her teachers, and she is learning a lot from them- more than I think I’d teach her on my own.  Her latest obsession is letters- she wants to know what letter so many words start with.

Sometime soon both kids will be switching rooms, and we want their teachers to know that we have appreciated them.   So we are pairing up with my friend Trish to throw them a really nice dinner- a Thank You Dinner.

The challenge we had (other than setting a date), was what to make.  That is why I decided to give them each a little questionnaire so that they could tell me their favorites.  I think it also stirred up some excitement…

First I printed the questions out on cardstock that had been cut to 5×7.  I wanted to know what dates would work for them, what they like to drink, if they eat meat, dessert choices, and if they wanted to be casual or get spiffed up.  I combed the web for some free graphics and then got to typing.  The two fonts I used are Cochin (plain) and “onetrickTony” (that’s the funky one- I love it!).  I’m pretty sure I got them at this site.

Here’s the front:

And the back:

Then I chose some paper that I’ve loved for a long time and have never been sure what to use it for.  I had 5×7 envelopes, so what I ended up doing was cutting the original pieces I printed down so that they were about 4.5 x 6.5.  Then I cut this pretty paper to 5×7.

Then I got out the paper adhesive and went nuts.  Since the paper wasn’t double sided, each questionnaire had to have two 5×7 pieces.  I had to print the questionnaires on two separate pages.  Then I stuck the pretty paper together, and stuck the questionnaires on those.  Clear as mud?

They ended up looking like this- very nice! (sorry for the not-so-great photography)

Finish it off with a great envelope with their names printed on them and voila!  Your Thank You Invitation Questionnaire is complete!

I have already taken them to school and they were filled out when I picked the kids up that day- I think they are a little excited.  I will keep you posted with the invites and the menu- can’t wait!


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