My name is Natalie Chiles and I am Crafting Crazy.  The “crafting” part of Crafting Crazy comes from my newfound lust interest in making anything I can.  I have always had a creative side, but lately it just seems to keep coming even when I’d like to take a break.  The “crazy” part of Crafting Crazy comes from several places.  The biggest one is that while I have a lot of creativity ready to let loose, I would not consider myself an expert in the newest craft I have taken on: sewing.  I mess up.  A lot.  But I feel that messing up is often the best way to learn.  (Hopefully I won’t waste too much money in the process)   My hope is that, through this blog, I can show others that learning is the key, not perfection.  I am a lifelong learner, and I’m not embarrassed to make mistakes (most of the time), so I will post the good, the bad and the ugly for all to see.  I’d also like to use this blog as a way to track my journey as I take on this new crafting life and hopefully generate some products that might make other people ecstatic.

Some other parts of the “crazy” in Crafting Crazy:

  • I don’t follow directions all the time.  Need to work on that.
  • I knit.
  • I can be a bit obsessive in some areas.
  • I bake sometimes.  I used to bake all the time, but now that I have kids I think I’ll be baking a lot more.  I will post cooking and baking things from time to time because I do feel that food is a craft all unto itself.
  • I scrapbook, though I haven’t in quite some time.  Perhaps some of that will come through in my projects- we’ll see!
  • I recently moved into a house that needs lots of TLC without lots of cash.  How does one solve this?  One gets crafty, I think.  Home improvement posts will also show up here and there.

Please check out my other blog here.  I wanted to start Crafting Crazy because I don’t want my kids to have to sift through posts about their childhood and come across eight million posts about sewing, crafting and cooking in the mix.  I hope they’ll thank me later.

I’m living in the San Diego area after growing up in Kansas and living in the heat of Dallas for seven years.  Adventure brought me west, true love rooted me to it!

Thanks for stopping by!   Please leave a comment if you do- I love to know when people are reading my posts!

And since a few people have asked already, yes, those are my eyes in my header.

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